24 March 2010

Hallucinatory stuff

The Daily Mail is running a great piece of investigative journalism that reveals the degree to which old-line communists have wormed their way into leading positions in what remains of the trade union movement, and are convinced they can bring about the great proletarian revolution after all.

Just one teensy problem: there is no proletariat anymore, and the over-paid cabin crew of British Airways operating out of Heathrow are not what any sane human being would regard as a revolutionary vanguard.

But, there we are: they have regained ownership of the Labour Party, and are quite convinced that the great crisis of capitalism predicted by good ol' Karl M has come about, and that they can bring about its final collapse.

That the best they can hope for is to bankrupt BA, to the benefit of all its international competitors, while putting their own members out of work, does not seem to occur to them.

I wonder if Cameron will now summon up the courage to commit himself to ending all subsidies to these loony tunes. 

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