13 March 2010

Go for that grant, sister!

Amy North, a researcher working on gender, education and global poverty reduction initiatives at the Institute of Education in the University of London, has found that climate change is exacerbating existing gender inequalities, with a devastating effect on the quality of life of poor women and girls.
In Uganda, the food crises associated with climate change have been linked to higher rates of early marriage for girls, as they are exchanged for dowry or bride price. These “famine marriages” – as they are called – not only lead to girls dropping out of school, but also make them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections and related reproductive complications.
As opposed to the traditional rape by their male relatives, who considerately use condoms?

1 comment:

  1. I think Amy has gone too far south for her climacteric findings to add up to much.Perhaps she should take on board the fact that

    Uganda, it is still unconfessed,
    Despite her feministic cries,
    Keeps one main problem unaddressed,
    Men have no buttons on their flies.