23 March 2010

Foreign Office fellates Arabs again

The Arabomites of King Charles Street have achieved the expulsion of an Israeli diplomat over the use of forged British passports by the Mossad team that killed Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last January.

As Douglas Murray points out, the given reason is that British passport holders have been put at risk because of the hit. Meanwhile the illegal immigrants and confirmed terrorists Abu Qatada, Farj Hassan al-Saadi, and Ismail Kamoka continue to live at public expense in Londonistan. 

Which means that British citizens with Arab names are practically guaranteed an orifice search if they travel outside the EU. The Arabomites need to be reminded that not everyone enjoys that as much as they do.

There is literally nothing that British officialdom will not do to encourage the Arabs to do their banking in London. Help destroy threat to Gulf States by Iraq - check. Largest mosque in the world - check. Sharia law put on a par with Common Law - check.

But above all show submission, for that is what Islam means.

1 comment:

  1. This is all such a teapest in a tempot. People running about uttering insincere cries of non-dignation because a murderous thug got stifled in Dubai. The authorities there are embarrassed but do they really aspire to be the center of the Iran/Hamas trade in Arms? Brutal Provocation? Well, what else are they all about?

    The poor Palestinians, forever at the mercy of their own or their allies,Fatah, now Hamas, the Arab Nations. not to mention the Revolutionary Guard of Persia. With friends like these, who needs to be feuding across the fence from that fine American lad, worthy successor to David Green and Golda Meyer, Nathan the Yahoo ? It's been said before, but if only Sharon would awaken.