28 March 2010

Racist Marxhorroids

It was inevitable that US Marxhorroids would accuse any and all opposition to Obama of being racist. Seems to me he won a plurality in what is still a largely Caucasian country, hence the majority that opposes his statism must include a considerable number who had and have no problem with his skin colour.

The great majority of that part of the population of the United States classified as 'black' appears to support him unreservedly, but unfortunately that is also the part of the population that is most heavily state-dependent, so there is no conflict there. Indeed, most of those classified as 'black' so commonly vote on colour lines as to fully merit the charge of being themselves deeply racist.   

It is also deeply racist to assume that darker skin defines a set of values. I am choosing my words carefully because there are so many gradations in skin colour, and the logic - if one can call it that - of Marxhorroid racism can be fairly equated with the Nazi presumption that a single Jewish grandparent defined the status of the grandchildren.

It was not slavery and the Civil War alone that soured race relations in the USA. They were also, and I believe more harmfully, poisoned by the segregationist 'Jim Crow' laws that the Democratic Party imposed followed the abolition of slavery, which reached their highest point of national acceptance when President Woodrow Wilson applied them in Washington DC.

Yes, that Woodrow Wilson, hero of the 'Progressive' movement, which was openly committed to eugenics - as, indeed, was British Fabianism.

Racism is in the DNA of the 'progressives', which is why they can't stop talking about it. They carry a heavy burden of historical guilt, and their projection of it onto their opponents simply testifies to the intractability of their collective obsession.


  1. For many American middle-class 'liberals,'their apalling condescension is to blame for a great deal of resentment on the part of the objects of their pity and largesse. This issues in an equally blatant reverse racism on the part of e.g.,black teachers, professionals and civil servants who are the ones who benefitted the most from Affirmative Action hiring and college admission policies.

    Both parties to this angelic bargain are anxious to ignore their own unapologetic class discrimination towards the poorer or less educated members of their own communities.

  2. Just in case the above comments sound a little outre, I should note that I taught for 27 years in a large community college in Philadelphia where I always treated my students with respect.We had great difficulty at CCP in finding black teachers who both wanted to teach our students, white or black - or foreign, and who would treat them with respect. That was not the path of social advancement which many of them had elected and continued to envision.

    Needless to say, there were other black teachers who were prepared, dedicated, treated their students well, and even sometimes took some small part in college life beyond merely collecting their paychecks and showing up for classes.

  3. Affirmative action has been a lose-lose: for society and for those who were supposed to benefit from it. Once you subtract the concept of merit from any selection process, what you are left with demeans the chosen candidate and devalues the appointment.