4 March 2010

The dead hand of the old state monopolies

Nice post over at Hexus Channel about the apparatchiki's latest excuse for stealing money to give to those who will, in due course, reward them with generous sinecures.

The mainstream media, if they mention it at all, will as usual miss the point: BT has been sheltered from competition ever since it was 'privatised'. This is just one more in the long series of shady deals that has delayed every stage of the nation-wide move to broadband in order to protect BT's market share.

Nationalised industries were backward and inefficient because they were monopolies. From the consumer's POV, privatising a monopoly changes nothing. From the POV of the politicians and officials, however, it has the enormous benefit of permitting them to collect pay-offs for favouring the resulting quasi-monopoly without being held responsible for its performance.

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