8 March 2010

Mob violence is a terrible thing . . .

. . . so it's about time we unleashed it (to paraphrase Mel Brooks' Frankenstein).

Geoffrey Lean proclaims himself 'Britain's longest-serving environmental correspondent, having pioneered reporting on the subject almost 40 years ago'. I wonder if his work has always been as pathetic as this more-than-usually thin catastrophist article in the Telegraph.

How can there be 'permafrost' under a large, dynamic and unfrozen body of water?

The scathing comments following the article suggests that the 'opposite and equal reaction' to the global warming scam is well under way. With luck the juggernaut will now roll back over the unprincipled bastards who have been pushing it.

Leaving obsessive mediocrities like Lean to join the ranks of the other harmless lunatics marching around with banners calling upon us to repent because the end is nigh.

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