21 February 2010

The price of cowardice

Cameron's ratings began to slump after he chickened out of his promise to hold a referendum on the surrender of sovereignty embodied in the Lisbon Treaty.

Conversely, Brown's have risen as he has plodded on, shoulders hunched, into the greatest shit-storm I have ever seen envelop a politician.

Anglo-American history is littered with previous examples of politicians who mistakenly believed they could win on the back of their opponents' unpopularity.

Courage is the greatest of all political virtues, because without it nothing else can be achieved.


  1. I've got to admit, I thought Cameron could more or less win the election by defaul when I first saw him, by vitue of being none of Haig, IDS, Howard, Blair or Brown.

    But, quite rightly, he's starting to be held in contempt for his apparent lack of backbone or original thinking.

    Record low turnout at the next election methinks. Perhaps you should publish a list of protest vote options?

  2. Will do. Leaning towards UKIP, not because I think it is a serious organization but because it has some momentum and could play a usefully mischievous role in a hung parliament.

  3. Publish a notice that Agore will speak for whomever you dislike. Needn't be true like all politics, but it will flatter Agore and lose a few thousand votes for his candidate.