21 February 2010

The horror, the horror

Remember the press hyperbole about 'Blair's Babes'? This dowdy crew was supposed to represent a break with the fusty men's club traditions of the House of Commons.

Haven't they done well? Gosh, just think what a low opinion of our elected representatives we might have had without that blast of stale oestrogen!


  1. The real'horror' in Conrad's vision of Kurtz is not what has happened to truly upright moral Euro visionary out in the Congo, but what slimy reptilian thing is lurking behind that 'human' facade - and waiting to found the Nazi Party. Schopenhauer speaks through Conrad, although Edward Said found it convenient to forget that - even though he based his doctoral thesis on it.

  2. Well yes . . . I must be more careful with my quips. Those women were/are not horrible, merely mediocre. The embodiment of the lower-middle class female's cry 'there ought to be a law against [fill in the blank].'