23 February 2010

How Earth Made Us

The Bitchy Boys Club surpassed itself this evening. BBC 2 broadcast the above-titled programme featuring a geologist called Iain Stewart (with the irritating habit of pronouncing 'us' as uzz), who started reasonably but then recited every lie in the global warming scam handbook.

Among them, once again (see 'No matter what it is' below), the scientific tautology of warming seas absorbing more carbon dioxide. Glaciers calving, something I believe has been going on for quite a few hundreds of thousands of years, were repeatedly used to dramatise man's rape of Mother Earth.

Possibly reflecting his hopes for future funding, Stewart also made a pitch for artificial trees (WTF is wrong with the leafy variety?), but really went for it on carbon capture, speaking reverently of an absurd bunker where carbon is to be stored as if it were nuclear waste.

I very, very deeply resent that any of my money is going to pay for this kind of plainly ideological indoctrination. To paraphrase Queen Elizabeth I at Tilbury, 'I think foul scorn of these shameless opportunists selling fear in the guise of science.'

Scroom all.

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