11 February 2010

The Marmot Review

This is the sort of crap that the statist quangocracy has been churning out for the last twelve years. It even opens with a quote from the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, a communist who spent his prize money to buy a bijou country residence - outside Paris.

If the 'starting point' is that the organization of society is a more important determinant of health than bad genes, parenting and life-style, then there was no point in writing this review, was there?

'These serious health inequalities do not arise by chance, and they cannot be attributed simply to genetic makeup, ‘bad’, unhealthy behaviour, or difficulties in access to medical care, important as those factors may be. Social and economic differences in health status reflect, and are caused by, social and economic inequalities in society.'

The starting point for this Review is that health inequalities that are preventable by reasonable means are unfair. Putting them right is a matter of social justice. A debate about how to close the health gap has to be a debate about what sort of society people want.

If you can be bothered, the rest of this masterpiece is here.

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