19 February 2010

If only it were true . . .

. . . I would vote for the Tories.

The Daily Tedium reports the following rather well-crafted attack by Cyclops on the 'progressive' NuConservatives.

Just a thought, but after twelve years of NuLabour fire-hosing money at the Apparat, is it remotely conceivable that it could become 'smarter and more personalised'?

''Instead of admitting the mistakes of private banks and institutions in causing the recession, the well-financed right-wing are not only trying to blame governments for the crisis but trying to use legitimate concerns about deficits to scare people into accepting a bleak and austere picture of the future for the majority, and then to use what's happening as a pretext for public services to be marginalised at precisely the moment they should become smarter and more personalised.

''They are using the talk of action on debt to conceal the hard fact that their real position is that they remain wedded, as they have always been, to an ideology that would always make government the problem and deny people the helping hand that government can be.''

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