12 February 2010

A people without virtue

In the Telegraph, Jeff Randall summarizes how the Labour regime has debauched the economy and reversed the gains made since they were previously in power.

The regime has also raped the constitution (well, she was asking for it, being all unwritten and all, innit?) and has abolished civil liberties dating back to the Magna Carta - and beyond, if you consider Saxon jurisprudence.

Despite a record of corruption and betrayal that bears comparison only with Lloyd George's last administration, despite embarking on a deeply unpopular war, despite permitting unchecked immigration for purely partisan purposes, despite countless examples of arrogant bureaucratic malfeasance and incompetence, the regime's mandate has been twice renewed.

The regime's success has so cowed the main opposition party that it only dares to quibble about details. And the regime still commands the support of over thirty percent of the electorate.

If it is true that people get the government they deserve, the British are a pretty pathetic bunch.

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