7 October 2010

SDSR - toys, pram

This report by Telegraph defence correspondent Thomas Harding has the grim ring of truth to it.

One does have to wonder why the Royal Navy is so consistently out-manoeuvered by the other services.  But all the same, what an undignified and self-defeating way to deal with the problem created by the Labour regime's deliberate poisoning of the national security well for their successors.

Why is the British state so chronically incapable of doing anything thoroughly? Hell, I'd settle for it at least trying to think things through in a systematic manner.

First define your foreign policy; that's called STRATEGY. Then define the defence capability it requires. Then, and ONLY THEN, decide who can do what most cost-effectively. Anything else produces a mis-match between aspiration and capability. Do the words "Iraq" and "Afghanistan" ring any bells?

For God's sake get a grip on something other than your engorged members.

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