7 October 2010

From Jay - Sots wha hae

Sots wha hae wi' Gordon pled,
Scots wha far from Bruce hae fled,
Dreaming safely in yer bed
Of Labour's victory,

Now's the day and now's the hour
That Cameron has come ta power,
Looks like yer long free ride's all ower,
Summat sweet tae see.

Scotland's known nae King nor Law
Except what Brussels oversaw,
But let it settle in yer craw
That life is no for free.

Blame ye may some traitor knave
But Gordon's end was nae sae brave,
He spent us all into our grave
Before he turned ta flee.

Free are ye now from servile chains
Save for some Socialist remains;
From memory wipe the bitter stains
Of faked Equality.

Scots wha hae wi' Gordon pled
Till he put butter on yer bread,
Welcome tae the day instead
When ye maun pay yer fee.

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