5 October 2010

Child exploitation

Don't listen to Bitchy Boys radio, but Biased BBC does, and chronicles the all-day assault mounted on the government by disgruntled quangistas of the Child Exploitation (indeed) and Online Protection Unit (CEOP).

On the Today show Jim Gamble, the head of CEOP, "who by all accounts was doing a pretty good job" says the Bitchy Boy, was given a platform to explain why he had resigned (before he was pushed?) in protest at plans to assimilate CEOP into a new National Crime Agency. Former CEOP advisory board member Malcolm King was brought on by telephone and accused the government of being "pro-paedo".

As usual no dissenting voice permitted, no proof of any kind adduced, and no suggestion that people who have lost their sinecures might not be the most objective judges in their own case.

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