1 October 2010

Bitchy Boys - irony piled on irony

A strike by BBC helots against the looting of their pension fund by their lords and masters has been timed to black out the Conservative party conference. That is about as shrewd a piece of "industrial action" as I have ever come across.

Knowing what thin ice the BBC oligarchy is on with the present administration, the "workers" are sticking it to the "bosses" by underlining their hypocrisy as well as emphasising the corporation's flagrant political bias. Best of all, it will reveal that BBC coverage of the event is not necessary. Political junkies will get their fix from other TV channels, while the overwhelming majority of viewers will ignore it. The only losers are the BBC political commentators, who will lose out on a week-long junket with all expenses paid.

This is the straight-faced opener of the report on the situation by no less than the Daily Mail:
BBC heavyweights have told unions to call off a "partisan" strike intended to black out David Cameron’s speech to the Tory conference. Many of the corporation’s most respected presenters and reporters, including Jeremy Paxman and Nick Robinson, said the action would make viewers think the BBC was biased  against the Conservative Party [!]. They said the walkout, which was voted for by just a fraction of the BBC’s 17,000 employees, would put the corporation’s political impartiality at risk [!], and hinted that they might cross picket lines. But they were attacked as anti-democratic by a strike leader, a junior BBC journalist, who called Mr Cameron a "here today, gone tomorrow" politician.
Unlike the BBC, which goes on forever - right?

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