30 January 2011

Why are there so many more horse's arses than there are horses?

The estimable Anna Raccoon has drawn my attention to a The Blinkered I, a new blog dedicated to the proposition (posed as a question) that "the triumph of individualism landed us with a new kind of tyranny". Since to my blinkered eye the tyranny we have appears to be one born of collective envy, cowardice and stupidity, I thought I should broaden my sadly limited horizon and read what this insightful fellow has to say.  
The state is a fact of life and one we should all get used to.[1] Let the far-right wing of the Tory party waste their time in constructing ideological models of just how much flesh can be cut from it's weary bones if they must.[2] The progressives [LOL] need to concentrating on how to resurrect [3] this much maligned enterprise, transforming it into a noble beast of burden, harnessed by law and custom,[4] piloted by the popular will,[5] fuelled by prudent and fair taxation,[ROFL] charged with championing unity through diversity [6] and protecting the social stability of the nation.[7] Does that sound utopian and idealistic? [8] Good. It was meant to. Since when was dreaming for more than you're likely to get something to be ashamed of?[9]
  1. This because some imbecile student sprayed "Smash the State" on the wall of the Foreign Office. Yet the graffito does not deny the existence of the state; it merely expresses adolescent anarchism. 
  2. This is the "straw man" logical fallacy.    
  3. Here we go with the religious imagery. It's very damned far from being dead. It employs a third of the country and consumes over half the GNP.
  4. Custom? Oh dear, there go your "progressive" credentials. Traditions are backward-looking, and we must all look forward, lest we notice that we are repeating the same ideologically-driven stupidities.
  5. Let's see now. The popular will would bring back capital punishment for adults and corporal punishment for minors, expel all immigrant criminals, leave the EU - shall I go on?
  6. Also with bringing about peace through conflict, honesty through theft, wisdom through ignorance, etc. This is 1984's INGSOC - see my masthead.
  7. Hmmm. Social stability, eh? Sounds like a lowmid frightened by social mobility to me.
  8. No, it does not sound like but is utopian socialism, the pursuit of which has invariably led to totalitarian genocide. Gotta make space for the "new man"; can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
  9. Like "Smash the State"? Children may believe in Santa Claus - adults are supposed to know that he does not exist.    


  1. "...escape the creed of greed and the dogma of ego."

    WTF does that even mean?

    Surely only someone who is wholly ego-driven could write such nebulous, wannabe-intellectual noise.

    One thing is surely beyond question: the world would be a better place if there weren't so many people trying to prove themselves by getting involved in matters that are either beyond their ability or inclination to understand.

    Ooh - look at me - I've expressed an opinion on something a bit complicated. I'm sooo deep.

    I'd call them wankers, but if only they would whack-off every time they felt a bit frustrated and inadequate, we'd all be spared much of this adolescent posturing.

  2. Blogsturbation? Masturblogation? Opedsturbation?

  3. Link to Mrs Hand and her five flexible daughters