28 January 2011

"Our NHS is in crisis"

Says the Lancet, voice of the medical profession.

Yeah, well, I knew that the genius of Aneurin Bevan and successors had made British consultants and GPs the highest paid for the least work and accountability in the world, and that the British medical profession severely limits the numbers admitted to med school to keep their earnings up; but I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to use a form of words that suggests the whole thing is a racket run for their convenience and benefit.

It wouldn't be so bad if the fuckers were prepared to work hard for their money - but they aren't. Lancet says they are quivering at the prospect of being given control of 80% of the NHS budget under the new Health and Social Care Act. "The emphasis will move from clinical needs (GPs' forte) back to cost (not what GPs were trained to evaluate)".

Actually, what will happen will be the same as already occurs with drugs. GP emolument is already reduced by the amount it is assumed they are getting from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their products, and they will presumably get kick-backs from clinics and hospitals for sending patients to them.

The new act is a retrospective attempt to make GPs work harder for the massive increase in their incomes given to them by the Brown regime. It is a hell of a bad idea to set up a system which can only work if the individuals entrusted with its administration are prepared to put the general good ahead of their particular interest. It does not work, never has, never will.


  1. I'm reminded of what Aneurin Bevan said when he was asked how he'd overcome the BMA's intansigence towards joining the NHS: "I stuffed their mouths full of gold".

  2. And the Blair/Brown regime did the same, only more so. Less hours for more money. "New" Labour - yeah.