6 January 2011

The Chicago mafia in the White House

Just in case anyone still hoped that The One might emancipate himself from the most corrupt Democratic machine in the the fifty states, he has now appointed one of the infamous Daley family as White House chief of staff. William is the son of one and brother of another of the all-powerful Mayors Daley of Chicago.

It was not necessarily a vain hope. After all, Harry Truman owed his political career to the Democratic machine run by Tom Pendergast in Kansas City, and he became one of the most honest - and principled - presidents ever. But he had time to establish himself - he was a senator for 10 years before Franklin Roosevelt chose him as his vice-president for his (unique) fourth term, when he was already a very ill man.

Sad, but really what choice did The One have? The "progressive" Democrats have done the rats and sinking ship thing, and his only hope is to get the backing of the old guard. And there is no guard older than the Daley machine, to which he owes his entire political career.

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