10 January 2011

Shooting politicians

Gabrielle Giffords appears to be a hard-working, thoughtful and honest member of Congress - and she's an attractive woman, which is not supposed to make any difference but does. Nonetheless she is alive and six others, including nine year-old Christina Green, are dead.

Hilary Clinton has chosen to equate the shooting of Giffords with the 9/11 holocaust, and the leftist media on both sides of the Atlantic is tying itself in knots trying to blame it on Sarah Palin. Was Palin, who knowingly bore a Down's Syndrome baby because of her reverence for life, also responsible for the murder of Christina Green?

Here's a list by Michelle Malkin of murderous rhetoric directed at Palin and others of her political views by those who now claim to be shocked, shocked that a Palin graphic dared to put a target on Giffords' district as one her followers might be able to swing away from the Democratic party.

Getting elected does not make you any better than you were before. I have no idea what sort of a person Giffords was, but I do know that Christina Green never had a chance to find out what sort of person she could be, and that hers is by any measure the greater loss.

I think the manner in which the incident has been politicized, and the immediate consigning of the dead to a foot-note by the US press and and politicians, tells us a lot more about what is rotten in that country than the shooting itself.  

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  1. I don't know how anyone could even think of shooting and killing a 9 year-old. Very sad.