29 January 2011

Al Jaz sometimes worth reading

Interesting article by Jeremy Keenan in Al Jazeera's "In Depth" section. Can't say I've been paying much attention to North Africa because - well - I really don't give a shit. The Frogs feel threatened by it and will as always try to "europeanize" their problems; but I don't think they will succeed. Every country in Europe has its own variety of the Islamist virus to contend with.

Ours in Britain is the flood of unassimilable human detritus imported from Pakistan, Somalia and similar shit-holes by the Labour regime in the cretinous belief that they would become party clients; but that's another story.

Anyway, Keenan's article has persuaded me to follow Al Jaz again for a while, something I had given up because it contains far too much of this kind of superficial, sophomoric ranting.

I had not appreciated that the Algerian DRS (secret service) had committed the same error in the Mahgreb as the Pakistani ISI did in Afghanistan: they have created an Islamist "front" they thought they could control, and the sword has turned in their hand.

Not that I give a damn what happens to them so long as they don't blow themselves up anywhere near me, but I am amazed how secret services continue to think they can harness fanatics to their own purposes. Half the bloody Bolsheviks, including Stalin, were on the payroll of the Tsarist secret service - and look how well that worked out. 

Hat-tip Jay

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