12 January 2011

Gall bladder extraction tomorrow

Scheduled for tomorrow morning at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City, which I chose after a frighteningly awful experience at the nearer Lister Hospital, midway between Hitchin and Stevenage.

My contrasting experience of the QE II is of really first class staff, and of the cheerful hum of large numbers of patients being handled with humane competence. So of course the NHS is going to shut the QE II to leave the already no less over-crowded Lister as the sole area hospital. 

I'll never enter it again while conscious. I will trek back to Addenbrooke's even if I have an ingrowing toenail.

Seems they blow you up with CO2 (oooh - global warming) and make three perforations for: 1) optic fibre; 2) laser cutter; 3) extraction of excised bile-sac. Presumably one also deflates through the latter. Wanted a local to be able to watch, but the idea was met with polite derision. If all goes well, home the day after.

CU then.


  1. Be thinking of you, man. May the gods smile and the surgeons focus well. Our old London friend is dying of a cancerous bile duct. May you live forever (more or less) and evade the doom of doctors' neglect and hospital incompetence, the fate we all hope not to face. JW

  2. Wishing you well, o wise one as you recuperate from your ordeal ! May your recovery be swift and complete.