8 January 2011

My enemy's enemy is NOT my friend!

Crap. The Daily Express is trying to boost its disappearing circulation with an anti-EU campaign, today publishing a booklet titled "Get Britain out of the EU", complete with a picture of a defiant crusader towering over the white cliffs of Dover.

And the snerge Jack Straw has tried to regain disaffected white proles for the party that imported Pakistanis wholesale by saying that some Pakistani men in Britain of see white girls as "easy meat" for sexual abuse and demanding that the community should be "more open" about the issue.

The enemy is within, you mendacious mother-molesters. It is the deliberate "progressive" destruction of the family unit that has put those girls on the street corners where anyone can pick them up, and the deliberate "progressive" destruction of a sense of national identity that has turned Britain into a spiritless province of the EU bureaucratic oligarchy.

Even out of the EU, and even if all the Pakistanis abandoned their native culture, Britain would still need to reverse the effects of 50-60 years of statist social engineering, which has left the country without the antibodies that healthy societies produce to defend and heal themselves.  

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