27 January 2011

The Mash - ya gotta love 'em

"Celebrities still think they deserve privacy" reports the Daily Mash.
As the investigation into phone hacking by the News of the World reopened, dozens of celebrities stepped up their case against the tabloid for intercepting the private information they had chosen not to use for promoting their latest piece of shit.
On the psycho cyclops Brown trying to get in on the act:
If some prick thinks he should be allowed to exert authority over me and spend my money, then I want him wearing a microphone 24 hours a day. I want probes drilled into his head so I can see his fucking dreams. You can have privacy or you can sit in your fancy office in Whitehall thinking you're the big man. But you can't have both.
Right on, lads. Fuck 'em all.

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