26 January 2011

Soothscribe O'Neill once more

From his article "The Palestine Papers: fact and fiction" in Spiked today:
The fuss over the Palestine Papers brilliantly reveals why leaked information is not the best tool for making sense of political affairs. The startled reaction to the papers suggests that our increasingly leak-reliant world is also a profoundly unquestioning place, zapped of critical thinking, where journalists wait around for revelations from on high to inform them of things they could easily have found out for themselves. The cult of leaking neuters journalists’ critical faculties, making them the passive recipients of info rather than hunters for truth.
Well - duh - yeah. But it's not an "increasingly leak-reliant world" - it's a totally leak-reliant British MSM, which has been bereft of investigative journalism and critical thinking for decades.

Brave journalists risk their lives to uncover the truth in many parts of the world - but not in the birthplace of freedom of speech, where the most they can lose is the pathetic pensions for which they, along with the entire state sector, have sold their souls.

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