31 January 2011

UKK41 - Our loathsome political class

Yet another hat-tip to Autonomous Mind for finding and linking a passionate site. Damned if I know what UKK41 means, but it's good to hear from a member of the class that has been most comprehensively conned, cheated and betrayed by the Labour pukes - yet still votes for them in large numbers.

So, do we find some recognition that there might just be some culpability attaching to having supported trades unions and voting for a party that were all led by life-long KGB agents? Nope. It seems it all went to shit over the past 13 years, in which the Labour pukes turned their back on the proles.
The problem is that “the progressive left” appear to despise those ordinary working people it claims to want to reach out to. It hates their conservative (small c) nature. It especially despises them having a love of their families/homes/ country/religion – the ‘left’ believe that the proletariat should only have eyes for the providing “progressive left”. 

But ‘progressive’ has come to be seen as something more sinister to people such as myself; it seems to sum up the authoritarian and Orwellian past thirteen years. The progressive left have become the enemy of the conservative C2s. For ‘progressive left’ read ‘state communism’, for ‘public bodies’ read ‘party committees’, ‘raion’, or ‘guberniya’; for Miliband’s young activists read ‘Komsomol’.
We all know that Movement for Change [the Milipedes' M4C] is just a continuation of the same Common Purpose-run nonsense [this is an unusual conspiracy theory with some basis in fact - see this link] that has systematically corrupted and destroyed Britain’s public bodies. Cameron’s “Big Society” is just a carbon copy and will be heavily influenced by the same odious individuals.
All true - but all no less true when people like UKK41 were voting for the contemptible shits and furiously denouncing Thatcher for ceasing to subsidize their wretched work practices and for letting their uncompetitive industries go to the wall.

It all reads a bit like the BNP - bring back the good old days of nationalized industries, "who does what" strikes and union officials posing as defenders of the working class while robbing their members blind.

Might it be that the stench from our political class is simply the distillation of the odour from a decomposing society?


  1. Hi.

    Definitely not BNP.

    Swung to Thatch from Lab, Thatch sold the family silver to the EU mafia along with my sovereignty, so moved to UKIP.

    Not convinced entirely by UKIP - generally disenfranchised.

    And No, I don't want to see unburied bodies in the street but I do always put the phrase 'working class' thus.

    Strange thing, generalisation.

    With no ill intent meant.


  2. What family silver? By 1979 the British industrial proletariat was maintained by subsidies and trade restrictions. Sale of British utilities to foreign companies, like unrestricted immigration, argues that the political elite, regardless of faction, has no faith in the ability of the native British work force and native British management to generate the tax revenues to support the costs of the bloated state sector. The answer - duh - that the state sector is unaffordable as at present constituted is not one likely to be embraced by the senior civil servants who run the country.