29 January 2011

Like anyone in the rest of the world gives a shit

William Hague declared that the Mubarak dictatorship needs to accommodate the “legitimate demands of protesters”.  In an interview for CNN, the boy Cameron said "I think what we need is reform in Egypt". "I mean", he went on "we support reform and progress in the greater strengthening of the democracy and civil rights and the rule of law."

Overawed by the blinding wisdom of these British seers, Mubarak has ordered the complete liberalization of Egyptian society, invited the Muslim Brotherhood to join his cabinet and everything will now be wonderful.

Oh - he hasn't? You mean to say a wog dictator has ignored the advice of Her Britannic Majesty's Prime Minister and her Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs? Tsk - what's the world coming to? 

1 comment:

  1. Ah canna buhleeve it! Do ye no mean that the Scots do nae rule the world as we would like ta knaw it? Ye mus be a fool, mon. Di ye mean that we mus look tae anither clan? Whin the Hagues an Camerons fall, wha is the answer? Sum wee German lairdie? Ah perish the thought.