10 January 2011

Heir of Blair

Given that he was one of the few who shared my bleak evaluation of  Michael Howard's muppet long before he squeezed into 10 Downing Street through the back door, Autonomous Mind shows magnanimity in urging us to pity the foolish trusting souls who believed that "call me Dave" would keep any of his "cast iron" promises. The following description might as easily have been written of Cameron's predecessor but one.
He just seemed so . . . sincere. The narrowed eyes, the tightened lips, the determined set of his jaw. The recognition of the urgent need to act to put right so much of what was wrong. He knew what we wanted, what the country needed, and he told us he would deliver it. His promises of change gave us hope.
Enter Red Cloud, the war chief who actually halted US invasion of Lakota tribal lands for a while after the Civil War, but who - unlike Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse - realized his people must make the best deal they could in the face of the unstoppable white tide.
They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one: they promised to take our land, and they took it.
To bring that up to date:
Cameron made us many promises, more than we can remember, but he has kept only one: he promised to be the heir of Blair - and he is.


  1. For a nano-second I began to warm to Cameron when I heard a soundbite of some jackass Beeb plonker trying to trip Dave up by quoting him accusatorily as having said before the election: " The biggest joke in British politics is Nick Clegg " The PM paused briefly, chuckled amiably in an old~Etonian sort of way..."ummm, as a matter of fact I did actually say that." Complete diffusion of moment of crisis followed by collapse of Beeb wanker !

  2. Reece Moggadishu11 January 2011 at 01:10

    By appointing an ex-shit-shoveller-in-chief from a Murdoch toe-rag to be his top propaganda wallah, Cameron hoisted a giant red flag as regards his own basic political integrity. Both Coulson and he should be hounded from public life. 'nuff said.

  3. Doc - I liked him for that, too.

    Reece - Political integrity is an oxymoron, a truism extensive to political journalism. People who tell the truth don't prosper in either field.