27 January 2011

Gotta vote UKIP

Autonomous Mind speaks for me when he writes "Put the faux Conservative party out of its [our?] misery". Since its idea of modernising is Labour-lite, then it serves no useful function and should be given an indecent burial.

With regard to the antics of UKIP's leading figures, we must hope that a massive increase in their vote will force them to sober up. The prospect of exercising power does that: look at the LibDems, desperately trying to grow into the big boys' clothing unexpectedly thrust upon them.

P.S. Must have been in the air. See Ed West's article in the Telegraph and links.


  1. Thanks for the link HB. Hope you're doing better now?

  2. Got an infection. Staph aureus, but not with the MR prefix, thank God.