5 January 2011

Hague has a blinding glimpse of the obvious

The Independent reports a directive by Foreign Secretary Hague for senior British diplomats to receive obligatory training "in the pursuit of excellence". Hague believes that essential diplomacy skills, such as obtaining the maximum advantage for the UK in negotiations with foreign states, have been neglected.

No shit, Sherlock. Ever wonder why the French exercise such a disproportionate influence on the EU? The answer is the École Nationale d'Administration (ENA), and I would hazard a guess that not one senior British civil servant would have the intellectual capacity even to win admission under a French alias, let alone graduate.

So who is going to train our senior diplomats? What can you do with an institution that regards appeasement and surrendering the national interest as "progressive" and noble? And has done so for a very long time. Brit diplomats reflect the dominant lowmid culture of the country - dysthimic and submissive.


  1. Just about understand dysthimic (depressed), but no idea what a dominant lomid culture is. Translation please?

  2. Short-hand for lower middle. It´s a neologism I coined to describe the resentfully mediocre. Dysthimia is low-level (i.e. not wholly incapacitating) depression. Then there´s oculoanality, which is the condition of having a shitty outlook on life. And so it goes.

  3. P.S. Gonna change it to "lowmid". I like "lomid" because it suggests membership of the camelid family, and such people always have the hump . . .