9 January 2011

Matt Ridley - always on the nail

From The Rational Optimist
Half of the biggest American companies of 1980 have now disappeared by takeover or bankruptcy; half of today's biggest companies did not even exist in 1980. The same is not true of government monopolies: the Internal Revenue Service and the National Health Service will not die, however much incomptence they might display. Yet most anti-corporate activists have faith in the good will of the leviathans that can force you to do business with them, but are suspicious of the behemoths that have to beg for your business. I find that odd.
Hat-tip Johnathan Pearce, who adds:
After having read and watched anti-business folk for years now, I don't perhaps find this attitude as odd as Ridley does. The hatred of business is, in my view, a product of centuries of crappy, anti-reason philosophy and a fear of freedom that this has generated.

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