24 January 2011

Breathless Bitchy Boys Bulletin

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BBC Trust alert: Trust approves new online strategy for the BBC

The BBC Trust has today announced its approval of a new strategy for the BBC’s online output. The strategy will involve a reduction in the budget of 25 per cent, clearer editorial boundaries and more distinctive content.

It will simplify the navigation around five main product groupings:
• news, sport and weather
• iPlayer and TV
• radio and music
• children’s
• learning and knowledge

The Trust has tested the Executive’s proposals for Online against the BBC’s overall new strategy, ‘Putting Quality First’, the final conclusions of which were published last December. It is satisfied that the proposals deliver on the four strategic objectives of increasing distinctiveness and quality, improving value for money, setting new standards of openness and transparency and doing more to serve all audiences.

There really is no need to comment on this horse-shit. But surely, even the autoproctological Bitchy Boys should have spotted the utter stupidity of suggesting the question: what were they previously putting first?

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  1. The Ministry of Propaganda has defined its goals. Good, good! But what I want to know is Where is my Wossy? How about some good feeling, humour, forgiveness - and £180k a
    year for asinine interviews. That's about a third of my total pension.