8 January 2011

Nice one, Richard!

I expect that anyone who reads this probably reads my colleague Dr Richard North's EU Referendum, but just in case check out this article in the Mail on Sunday.

See also the further development of the theme in the always sound Autonomous Mind.

So true it hurts. The scum has hardened and "direct action" now seems the only way to crack their carapace of complacent arrogance.

I hope nobody takes this as an incitement to key their cars, throw shit at them or any other illegal act. No, let's be British and do ineffectual things like demos and writing letters to the editor.


  1. Dr Richard A E North is “The Godfather of Britain’s fifth estate” ie internet journalism and campaigning


    Dr Richard A E North deserves at very least a regular column in a national newspaper.


    The Mail On Sunday have done well to give him a page and it should become a regular column.

    A film or TV documentary should be made about Dr Richard North’s starting the lonely but noble campaign against deploying Snatch Landrovers in Iraq (at huge cost to British lives, limbs and family life) against literally billions being spent in bogus PR by The MoD with a hopeless BBC Defence Journalist staff just printing the bogus PR for years…and having the courage, tenacity, stamina, persistence to win and be proved right. The unpardonable sin. They hate him as a result.

    A TV documentary series should be made on his book “The Great Deception” which is the only detailed analysis of all EU treaties.


    Moreover a documentary series should be made about his book called “Scared To Death” about the scares which have led Governments and moreover pan-Government bodies move against personal political freedoms won over centuries and move to Global Governance (which by definition has to be permanent and unelected).


    His magnificent blogging on exposing the lie of global warming, the bogus science, the corruption behind it, deserves a documentary and an Oscar. Maybe they could strip Al Gore of his Oscar and give it to Dr Richard A E North.

    It is absolutely true that Government Departments, quangos and Council Leaders now routinely ignore letters from MPs and even the media. Ironically they only fear the mob and these are now only galvanised by mob leaders or celebs…which is why they really matter.

    If Simon Cowell, Susan Boyle, Cheryl Cole, Wayne Rooney, Alesha Dixon, Jordon, Robbie Williams, Take That, Lady GaGa, Jonathan Ross, Catherine Zeta Jones, Lily Allen, Liz Hurley,Peaches Geldof, Mylene Klass, soap stars and celebrity chefs, sport stars, spoke out against the global warming myth, the 1.3 million windmills the Government want to build, the threat to our electricty energy supply in an age utterly dependent on computers or Snatch Landrover type campaigns then David Cameron would jump to change policy.

    They do fear celebs. Council officials and bureaucrats fear celebs who can mobilise the mob. This is also why quangos and charities and council departments spend hundreds of millions each year in paying them to hand out prizes or attend events.

    Dr Richard A E North needs just one celeb to read his stuff to become a real force in the nation. He is already but his campaigns and forensic analysis get diluted by others including the Westminster bubble.


  2. Many voters in Oldham would probably agree with every word of the NORTH article, but will it change how they vote? No. They will vote for the same old parties ( Labour, Lib-Dems and Conservatives) in next Thursdays Election in Oldham. Until the main parties start to lose seats, they will not change. The BBC and other media, basically ignore all but the three main parties and must share some of the blame for the elective dictatorship we live in.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1345426/Rubbish-collection-crisis-electricity-Councils-dont-damn.html#ixzz1Aa9bak9b

  3. A brace of "hear hears", guys. Richard's the man. Admire him immensely.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! 'Way to Go' Dr. North - and all his supporters.

    No we need each of us to propagate the links, the articles, the blogs and the TRUTH - through print media, education, and the professions. The counter-commie movement is at hand!!!