20 March 2011


OK - that melt-down that was never going to happen in Japan has not happened, to the evident chagrin of the journopukes who have been disgracefully scare-mongering all week. Just in time to take up the slack, explosive phallic symbols are raining down on Colonel Daffy's Praetorian Guard and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Whoop-de-doo.

Now let's pay some attention to the rancid pile of institutionalised vomit on our own doorstep, shall we? 

I've regularly linked (e.g. here and here and, today, here) Christopher Booker's coldly eloquent diatribes against the uniquely English and uniquely misnamed Court of Protection, whose powers and procedures are - without any hyperbole at all - overtly and sadistically tyrannical.

Anna Raccoon has also been waging a brave campaign against the travesties of justice that rape the soul of our society. "I have several hundred e-mails, some from the very people John Hemming mentioned. I have said as much as I could without putting my entire world at risk. I have sent them on to every media outlet I could. Silence". I most respectfully add my voice to hers:

I urge you, if you do nothing else today, to read the full transcript of [this] back bench committee meeting.  

A straight election to the ranks of honoured truth-tellers for John Hemming, LibDem MP for Yardley in Birmingham. I did not think I could still be surprised by the doings of the bureaucratic scum who have been permitted to create totally opaque judicial fiefdoms where they can do whatever they like to whoever they choose to victimise. But Hemming opened my eyes to just how far the Brown regime extended the unaccountable power of the Labour-dominated apparat.

Hemming revealed threats of arbitrary punishments to constituents if they spoke to their MP: "To say, 'We will remove your child, because you had the effrontery to raise your concerns about process with your Member of Parliament' is a dreadful thing to do. Parliament should not tolerate that, because it undermines the actions of Parliament".

It seems a man wrongly imprisoned for rape was enjoined, on pain of having his child taken away from him, to "make no further disclosure in respect of this matter to any third party, including in particular the media and John Hemmings MP".


The sordid truth behind it all?: "One of the problems with how things have developed, and with all the secrecy rules, is that they seem to act to protect not vulnerable people but those who make money out of the system".

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