13 March 2011


It is incumbent on one whose blog-name is "Stravagantisimo" to express the strongest possible approval of the Italian prime minister, but even if it were not I would defend him against the sneers of the mutual masturbators of the mainstream media.

Today's pics of yet another gorgeous young woman from his informal harem, along with yet more po-faced commentary about how undignified it all is (c'mon, guys - this is Italy, for heaven's sake!), just makes my heart warm to him even more.

Could someone please tell me what is remotely newsworthy about beautiful young women cosying up to a rich and generous old party animal? He's spending his own money, so what the hell if he is setting world records for the consumption of Viagra?

Politics is show business for ugly and talentless people - but even they manage, somehow, to draw groupies. Looking at most politicians, it's pretty obvious that most chose the career because it's the only way such as they might be able to get laid.

Most parliaments run intern systems to provide a steady flow of nubile young women (mainly young men at the Palace of Westminster) who accommodate the sexually inadequate members (sic) in return for introductions and advancement. And the members (sic) do that with our money.

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