6 March 2011

Sayeeda Warsi: watch your back

If, as I do, you consider courage the foremost human virtue, then the young Muslim peer deserves to be cut some slack for her youth, inexperience and the ineptitude of her staff.

She is the product of aspirant and successful Pakistani immigrants, and as such - despite her electoral failures - her elevation to the House of Lords is a rare argument in favour of having an appointed upper chamber. 

Cranmer's post today is a balanced and helpful compendium of Warsi's public career - one that I am glad to have in the wake of the shellacking she got for arguing that the term "Muslim extremists" should be reduced to "extremists" to avoid the word association.

That was so stupid that it could only have been made at the urging of Team Cameron, obsessed as always with not being the "nasty party" that tells the truth. She owes Cameron big time, so maybe she deserves a pass on that one.

Other than that she has told it like it is about the disgusting customs brought into Britain by the more primitive Muslim immigrants, as enabled by the grotesque ideology of the multiculturalism. Which, of course, makes her a hate figure to the Bitchy Boys Club: a heterosexual woman (ugh); the daughter of a successful capitalist (boo); an integrationist (hiss) and an attractive Tory (vapours). 

But the multiculties dare not attack her too openly, so they will invite her to join discussion groups where they hope to discredit her and will subvert her with innuendo. It's what they do and - here as elsewhere - they will continue to create a climate where some stupid Islamist shit will try to follow through on the death threats against her.

She asks, "Why go into politics if you are not going to be brave?" We await a reply from her patron.

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