8 March 2011

From the EU, without vaseline

Hear anything from the major political parties or the mainstream media about the EU's Financial Transactions Tax? Neither have I - yet here it comes, a French-inspired measure designed to destroy the City as a financial centre for no benefit to themselves other than the joy of harming the nation that thwarted Louis XIV and Napoleon, saved them from defeat in 1917, and did not surrender and suck Nazi cock alongside them in 1940.

England Expects posts a video of Soothscribe Nigel Farage's speech on the subject along with concurring commentaries from some blogs normally hostile to UKIP.

"In the event that the European Parliament vote to support an FTT and the UK implements such a taxation, traders in Geneva, Zurich or other non EU cities will dance the hokey-kokey or an equivalent celebratory dance". But the most exultant party will be among the petty-minded revanche-shits at the Quai d'Orsay.

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