7 March 2011

Clueless in Downing Street Part 2

Every regulator, every official, every bureaucrat in government has got to understand that we cannot afford to keep loading costs on to businesses, because frankly they cannot take it any more. And if I have to pull these people into my office to argue this out myself and get them off the backs of business then I will do it.
Thus the Boy Wonder in his speech at the Tory Conference yesterday. What a remarkable admission of ineffectuality. The only people he can pull into his office to argue with are the members of his cabinet, and if after a year in power they still need to be persuaded not to load additional burdens on business, as opposed to reducing them, then he's not much of a CEO, is he?

Or alternatively he's a lying sack of shit striking poses for the benefit of the poor deluded fools who still hope that he is not the totally sold-out corporativist that all his government's actions show him to be.

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