30 March 2011

Farts to be taxed: it's about time

Methane is a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. So it comes as no surprise that the global warming scammers have turned their attention to taxing farmers who raise incontinently farting cows and sheep.

Of course one might consider not subsidizing them, but perish the thought. Think of all the EU and other bureaucrats who would lose their jobs 

Taxing ruminant farts will increase milk and food costs and bring nearer the day when millions of irresponsible human carbon dioxide producers cease breathing and return their carbon to Earth Mother Gaia.

The Bitchy Boys, whose verbal twee-ness gets more American every day, calls them "burps". Note the verbal sleight of hand by which they add ruminant farts to mankind's contribution to catastrophic global warming:
In New Zealand, livestock account for 90% of the nation's methane emissions, and about 43% of its greenhouse gases from human activities. In short, without coming up with a solution, it would struggle to meet its Kyoto Protocol targets.
In this the Bitchy Boys are following the lead of the UN Food and Agriculture Onanization (FAO), which last year proposed taxing animal "emissions" because when the entire food chain was taken into account the world's livestock accounted for about 9 percent of human-induced ["induced" - dontcha just love it?] carbon dioxide and 37 percent of methane emissions.

It follows, does it not, that Buffalo Bill and all the others who wiped out the biggest concentration of ruminants in the world by slaughtering the Great Plains bison are environmentalist heroes.

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