30 March 2011

Moussa Koussa, asylum seeker

Moussa Koussa, Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs since March 2009, has sought asylum in Britain. A life-long acolyte of Colonel Daffy, the thesis he submitted for his 1978 sociology degree at the University of Michigan was a fawning biography of the Raïs.

From 1979 to 1980 he was i/c security for Libyan embassies in north Europe, during which time half-a-dozen exiled opponents of the Daffy regime were assassinated.

Appointed ambassador to the Court of St James in 1980, he was expelled later that year for stating that he considered his duties to involve eliminating Libyan dissidents living in the UK. For many years he was denied entry to the USA.

He was later a named suspect in the attempted assassination of Sultan ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud of Saudi Arabia.

All that changed when, as head of Libyan intelligence 1994-2009, he became the key figure in the abandonment of Libya's nuclear weapons development in return for the normalization of relations with the USA and UK. A further quid pro quo was Libyan support for the "war on terror", and payment of compensation for the victims of explosives and weapons supplied to the IRA.

So - does he merit asylum as Dr Jekyl, or to be put on trial as Mr Hyde? I'm willing to bet it depends on how many beans he can spill about the secret deals made during the "normalization". Also about the dirty deal for the release on "humanitarian" grounds of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber.

Tricky one. It will be fun watching the Boy Wonder and the Hagueon squirm.

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