22 March 2011

Defunding the Labourpuke payroll vote: why only now?

Eric 'Humpty Dumpty' Pickles has told a CBI meeting that he intends to scrap the Local Authority Two Tier Code, the second most blatant attempt (after the Equality Act) by the Blair-Brown regime to shackle its successor.

Employers would no longer be required to offer employment to new recruits on terms and conditions "no less favourable" than those of transferred state sector employees. "This is bonkers", said Pickles, "it increases the costs to the taxpayer of providing public services, and it actively discourages the creation of new jobs".

Dave Prentis, boss of the state employee trade union Unison, said: "Eric Pickles is getting rid of vital protection for mainly low-paid, women workers - particularly cleaners, home carers, and catering workers. Private firms taking over public contracts will now be free to start a race to the bottom on pay and terms and conditions, in these already low-wage occupations".

Both these statements are true. The issue is between the interests of Prentis's dues-payers and those of the general public.

The Coalition partners never had anything to lose by defunding the Labour party's disgustingly bloated payroll vote. Why the hell are they only getting serious about doing so a year after taking power?

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