8 March 2011

"Progressive" academics attack an opponent's children

Arthur Robinson is a research professor of chemistry and, along with his wife the chemist Laurelee Robinson, physicist Martin Kamen, and Nobel-winning biochemist R. Bruce Merrifield, was a co-founder in 1981 of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. He was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for the US Congress in 2010. Perhaps as germane to the story of vicious spitefulness that he tells in this article, he has also directed the Petition Project, which has collected an impressive number of signatures from scientists opposed, on scientific grounds published in peer reviewed journals, to climate catastrophism.

Unable to get at him directly, leftist academics at Oregon State University have victimized his children, as well as one lone professor who has stood out against their spiteful campaign.

It does not surprise me that the leftist vermin should attack the man through his children. It's standard operating practice for any group of fanatics that manages to get hold of the reins of power, but particularly nauseating when perpetrated by people who posture as morally superior by virtue of their political beliefs.

At the best of times academic communities are infested with personally insignificant people with ludicrously disproportionate egos, given to bitchy in-fighting and other squalid reminders of their monastic past; therefore they are ideal petri dishes for cultivating leftists. Throw in the cornucopia of money that climate catastrophism has represented for them and you get the linked story.

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