13 March 2011

British pseudo-universities plumb new depths

Five British techs universities have announced that they are "pulling out" of programmes financed by the Libyan government, in a classic example of the British penchant for making a dishonest virtue of necessity. 
Manchester Metropolitan, Teesside, Liverpool John Moore, Glamorgan and Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh announced they had ditched the deal with Libya to train 300 health workers each year in the wake of bloody clashes in the North African nation. Liverpool John Moore University also said that it had severed a deal to advise Libya's National Economic Development Board on improving business education in the country, apart from pulling out of a proposed pact to train health workers.
They weren't going to be getting the money anyway, and the courses they are "pulling out of" served useful humanitarian and developmental purposes. Even though they are only following in the slimy footsteps of the Boy Wonder and The Hagueon, it still sets a new benchmark for opportunistic cowardice disguised as moral principle.

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