18 March 2011

No-Flies on us

The KCOC-S brigade has been surpassing all previous levels of sycophancy over the Boy Wonder's role in bringing about UN permission to stop Colonel Daffy murdering any more of his rebellious no-longer-subjects. No link - just step outside and you'll be ankle deep in the horse shit.

While I'm always in favour of knocking over brutal dictators, and I want Daffy dead anyway for the terrorism he financed and perpetrated in the UK, I'm tolerably sure this one is going to go badly wrong. I just don't think the Frogs or we have the necessary kit and experience to avoid the "collateral damage" beloved of journopukes.

But at a more parochial level, it's a golden opportunity for the RAF to shine, which its vast PR department will milk for all it's worth. Stand by for much chat about "surgical strikes" and those enthralling nose-cone videos. And that is a long-term disaster for British defence capability.

Combined ops by the French and British, possibly operating out of Italy - what could possibly go wrong? 

P.S. 20 March. Silly of me - OF COURSE the fix was in and the Americans have done the necessary to make it possible for its "valued allies" to operate in Libyan air space. Clever of the Frogs to get in a quick "prestige" attack before the Anglo-Saxon Tomahawks came raining down on Daffy's air defence system.  

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