3 March 2011

Procul este, severa*

Despite his trendy Trot credentials (founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, no less: risum teneatis, amici?), Frank Furedi is capable of logical thought and his contributions to Spiked are often readable.

Not so his wife, Ann, whose byline in this piece of self-serving trash fails to mention that the British Pregnancy Advice Service, of which she is the CEO, is the largest for profit abortion provider in Britain.
An American feminist once said that a woman does not want an abortion like she wants an ice-cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion like an animal caught in a trap wants to chew off its leg to be free of the trap. This is never truer than of late abortion.
"Choice", forsooth. Late term abortion is explicit infanticide, you evil bitch. Either argue your murderous beliefs openly, or STFU and quietly continue to profit from desperate or simply confused women.

* Get thee gone, grim woman

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