5 March 2011

Quote of the day - The Last Ditch

Hat-tip to Anna Raccoon for linking to this great post.
That the State could replace - or even do a better job than - a loving family is the most barbarous of the fallacies by which the 1946 generation has lived. They were so hung up on this fantasy that they systematically undermined the very concept of family at every opportunity. They actively encouraged people to depend on a burgeoning state that would nurture them "from cradle to grave." Not only was that wrong, it was corrosively wrong. In fairness to the hapless wimp, that is what the boy David is trying to signal to the nation behind the backs of the Guardianisti with his "Big Society" schtick. The blank incredulity on the faces of the Polly Toynbees of this world is quite genuine. Their confusion between "society" and "state" is as total as their confusion between "the economy" and "the Treasury". But then Polly is wealthy enough never to sit in her own piss in her dotage as most of the nation's grannies - thanks to idiots like her - have good reason to fear.
From the same site, another "what oft was thought but ne'er so well expressed" paragraph on why we should put in the boot on the Coalition without regard to improving the Labour pukes' standings in the polls:
It's therefore time for all men and women of goodwill to give the ruling coalition's members the kicking they richly deserve; unpleasant though it is to find ourselves alongside the unreformable statists of the Labour Party in the political melee. Conservatives and Liberals can be honest politicians again one day. The Labour Party is what it must be ideologically; a body of people convinced (despite rich historical evidence to the contrary) that they know better how to live our lives than we do.

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