26 March 2011

Sinking slowly into a corporativist bog

 This is what happens to you if you write for the Telegraph for fifty years.

Soothscribe Christopher Booker recalled that when he was interviewed in 1990 for the promotion to the job he has held down ever since - as a Sunday Telegraph columnist - he was asked how he saw Britain’s future. "Sinking slowly into a sub-Marxist fog" he replied. 

In 1992 he embarked on the campaign he has waged ever since against the erosion of historic British liberties and the suffocation of the very soul of the society by domestic and EU bureaucracy.

Today, after hundreds of thousands of state employees have demonstrated to DEMAND that the future be mortgaged further to pay them to live better than those whose taxes pay their wages, he summarizes all the ways in which the "savage cuts" the Coalition government has yet to make are a drop in the ocean next to the costs loaded on the British economy by the EU with the bleating acquiescence of successive British governments.

Oh, and the contemptible refusal of the malignant dwarf Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, to uphold the supremacy of elected representatives over bureaucrats even in a matter directly infringing their most sacred democratic prerogatives.

It must make it all seem so worthwhile.

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