6 March 2011

Clueless in Downing Street

Following from the Sunday Times (£):
A senior Tory whose claim for cleaning his country house moat symbolised the worst excesses of the Commons expenses scandal has been blocked from a peerage. The House of Lords appointments commission rejected the prime minister’s nomination of Douglas Hogg, 66, a former agriculture minister, as a life peer in his latest honours list. The decision raises questions about David Cameron’s judgment in nominating Hogg, a fellow Old Etonian.
Raises questions? Bugger that - it gives all the answers you need to know about the Boy Wonder and his complete failure to appreciate how deeply toxic the Old Etonian brand is.


  1. Grumpy Old Man7 March 2011 at 08:30

    "...how deeply toxic the Old Etonian brand is" Nothing like abit of classic class envy to start the week.

    The HoL Appointments Commision nodded through the appointment of possibly the most corrupt, partizan, self serving and incompetent Speaker since Cromwell cleaned the place up. A duck house pales into insignificance when set against allowing the State to commit an act of violence against a sitting MP holding the Executive to account, or claiming for Mrs. Speaker's taxi fares for shopping trips around London. Now THAT raises questions as to the motivation of the Commission.

  2. Not on my part, GOM: was simply pointing out a sociological reality in this great land of ours, shaped as it has been by levelling envy. Also Cameron's execrable political judgment: Hogg may be a splendid person, but the moat is a political albatross around his neck.