2 March 2011

F-22 floats like a butterfly stings like a bee

Hate to give them credit, but the Bitchy Boys have posted a really cool vid of the Lockheed Raptor's display at Farnborough. Go full screen and marvel at what the machine can do. But . . .

Historically, the really great fighter aircraft (like the P-47 shown here wing-to-wing with the F-22) have smoothly adapted to the ground attack role. While the Eurofighter Typhoon is in that tradition, I can't see how the Raptor, with its internal weapons bay, will be able to do so. Likewise, to match the Typhoon's range the Raptor has to carry external fuel tanks, which takes away stealth, its principal advantage.

Which may explain why less than 200 Raptors are to be built, whereas Yurrup has ordered 487 Typhoons with a side order of 72 for the Saudis, and more to come once they get the ground attack variant sorted.

Crow P.S. Sigh. I should have known that anything called Eurofighter had to be an over-priced POS. Comes The Reg to set me straight. 


  1. Wouldn't much like to be in one if the hydraulics went on those tail fins...

  2. Article written by Lewis Page - so don't worry too much about its' accuracy. Typhoon will be a great Ground Attack aircraft, and 2nd only to F-22 in the Air defence arena.

    If JSF carries Storm Shadow or Paveway III 2,000 LGB's its' stealth characteristics are reduced. Only 2,000 lb JDAM's can be carried internally - not LGB's of that class. PaveWay 4 500lb LGB's can be carried internally.