3 February 2011

The Equality Act in action

Excellent post by Tim Aker on the ruling this week by a High Court judge that London council cuts to voluntary services were unlawful because they had not carried out a full equality consultation. That is to say, state subventions to charities must continue unless it can be proved that discontinuing them does not harm anybody.
If you’re a Tory and believe in the Equality Act, you are clearly a saboteur to your cause. If you don’t realize it’s a political dirty-bomb Harriet Harman left for you, timed to go off when you’re in government, then you lack the political intelligence God gave to nectarines.
Well no. You see, the Cameron clique's fraffly clever big idea is to put the Labour party out of business by adopting all of its policies. Worked for Tony, so why not for the Heir of Blair?

You read it here first.

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